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The most adaptable, portable rearview mirror for sports use.​

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 BIKE MIRROR HISTORY: Chuck Harris invented the first rear view bike mirror.  Before helmets, he made rear view mirrors for bikes with twisted wire to fit on our glasses out of broken mirrors and garbage can lids and sold them at bike rallys when I was a kid. As I got older I just couldn't see out of the little mirror on my helmet and after Lasik I really couldn't adjust quickly.  As I rode up and down hills on my bike I started thinking about a bigger mirror on a glove and voila' panoramamirror began.  Here is the result of months of testing, surveys, experiments, and prototypes.  After going live with this site my friend Trish asked why not motorized sports too?  So add to the list snowmobiles, motorcycles, and don't forget plumbing.  Buy one, try it out and you'll see what I mean, the possibilities are endless.....



BIKE SHOPS, KAYAK STORES, SAILING SHOPS...SOON and you can help.  Ask your local shop if they would like to carry this product.  I'll pay you a finders fee, discounts, let's make it happen.  Investor opportunities!


Now selling at: North Portland Bike Works

3978 Mississippi Ave.




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