I'm a sailor and enjoy racing with friends on the river.  I was trimming the main and looking up for hours, my neck was getting stiff and I thought if only I could look down and still see the tell tales.  There on the deck was my hand in a glove and I thought if there was a mirror on this glove I could see up while looking down.  And it could come in handy for keeping an eye on the other boats without turning around and losing focus.


Riding along not being able to see out of the tiny little mirror on my helmet got me thinking about trying the mirrored sailing glove on the bike and it works!  (I grew up in a bicycling household and knew Chuck Harris inventor of the mirror for your glasses that has evolved into the helmet mirror). But as I get older and after lasik it was too hard to change my focus to see well out of something that close.  You hold panoramamirror up where you want it, where you can see for your vision.


When paddling with friends I want to know everyone is still there and turning to look could end up with me having a quick swim.  Instead I tried panoramamirror and guess what? It works!  No more swiveling around and nearly tipping over.  Instead I hold up my glove, have a look and wave hello.